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Since 1977, the Quarterly Review of Wines has sought to be the most trustworthy source for wines. In 2011, we discontinued our print magazines while continuing online at Honoring our commitment to providing our readers with truly unbiased and accurate information, we have decided to discontinue advertising of any kind. Additionally we shall not charge subscription fees. No login or passwords required. No telephone numbers to call or email addresses to enter. Just visit and it will be there for you to enjoy. All future articles will first be posted on our site — free of charge. Once we take it down, we’ll do our best to have it archived.

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Michael Broadbent and Prince Robert of Luxembourg blurbs for QRW

Quarterly Review of Wines:
For Those Who Want to Know Wines from Those Who Do

Featured Articles detail of Caymus Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon


Best of the Best
California Cabernet Sauvignon and Proprietary Red Blends

QRW Tasting Team

Meet 14 of California’s deepest, richest, most complex reds

detail of Walt Pinot Noir


Best of the Best
California Pinot Noirs

QRW Tasting Team

Today, California Pinot Noir is better than ever—here are our 9 top picks

Icon Best of the Best California Wines


QRW’s 34th Annual Best of The Best:
• California Cabernet Sauvignon
• California Pinot Noir
• California Chardonnay
• California Zinfandel
• California Merlot

American bison illustration on 1000 Stories labels


Introducing 2014
1000 Stories Zinfandel

Richard Elia

Native varietal gets new narrative

detail Paul Draper's dog Bodhi

June/July 2016

All Things Grape

Randy Sheahan

closeup of Jancis Robertson


A Wine Who’s Who Quiz

Randy Sheahan

Test your Wine Who’s Who IQ!

Wine cellar at Costanti


2011 Brunello

Tom Maresca

Following a Hard Act

Chianti Classico logo


Chianti Classico

Tom Maresca

A Guide for the Perplexed

detail Villa Sorriso


All Things Grape

Randy Sheahan

April 2016

head shot of James Carmody


James Carmody

Richard L. Elia

Boston Wine Expo president steps down

head shot of Giacomo Tachis


The Legacy of Giacomo Tachis

Tom Maresca

A Contrarian Opinion

collage of Best of Show wines; Best Value and Spectacular rosé


Rosé Champagne Tastings

QRW Tasting Team

Champagne and California Rosé

detail of Phelan Segur label

Best of the Best 2012 Cru Bourgeois

QRW Tasting Team

Chateau Phelan Segur wins Best of the Best.

detail of Hospices de Beaune label

All Things Grape

Randy Sheahan

December 2015

open book and glass of wine

Quiz: Wine Wit

Randy Sheahan

Can you match speakers to their wine quips?

Best of The Best art


QRW’s 33rd Annual Best of The Best:
• California Sparkling Wines
• Blind Vintage Champagne Tasting:
Top Six Bubblies
• Non-Vintage Champagne: Brut and Blanc de Blancs
• California Cabernet Sauvignon & Proprietary Red Blends: 2012 the Great Cab Vintage
• California Pinot Noirs
• California Sauvignon Blanc

wine glasses raised in toast

QRW’s All Things Grape and Small

September 2015

July 2015

April 2015

February 2015

cover of program brochure for WGBH Food & Wine/Festival

A Feast For Gourmands At WGBH Chef's Gala

Katie Curley-Katzman

Wine and food in perfect pairings at the station's annual Food & Wine Festival

Rarecat logo

St. Emilion’s Only American Winemaker

Katie Curley-Katzman

“Wine connects people if you connect with purpose. Wine is a cultural currency.”

corkscrew in cork; top view of bottle

Some Wine History...

Château Pigoudet La Chapelle Rosé wine label

French Rosé Country

Sue Dixon

Patrick d'Aulan

Alta Vista Wines: The Benchmark of Argentinean Malbec

Katie Curley-Katzman

glass of Chardonnay

Smith Madrone: Wines of the Gods

Katie Curley-Katzman

Mullan Road Cellars logo

Walla Walla: The New Napa

Richard L. Elia

An Eden in eastern Washington: Mullan Road Cellars
and the next generation of great reds.

symbolof wine cellar excellence

Lovely Loire
Castles, pastoral sites, and food friendly wine

Yvonne Horn

detail wine glass on table with pair of eyeglasses on open book pages

Wine in Literature
A literary and oenology IQ quiz

Richard L. Elia

Test your literary wine IQ!

bottles of Elena Walch Sauvignon wines

Elena Walch:
An Estate in the ‘Hands of Women’

Tom Hyland

Walch is overjoyed her daughters have joined her.
“The three of us now run the estate — it remains
in the hands of women!”

Updated Vintage Wine Chart detail

Updated Vintage Wine Chart

Randy Sheahan

Tom Maresca

Wines of Campania: Red, White and
Pure Gold

Introduction and A Little Bit of History

Romancing the Vines and What's in a Name

A Selection of Campania’s Pure-Gold

Tom Maresca

stem of glass beside piece of chocolate bar

Chocolates and Wine? The answer is Port

Richard L. Elia

Detail of champagne glass, box of chocolate and a red rose

Valentine Vintages
QRW’s Annual Holiday 2015 Champagne Tasting

QRW Tasting Team

Detail of Merlot bottle showing top of label

QRW’s 32nd Annual Best of The Best:
• Non-Vintage Champagne
• California Cabs/Red Blends
• California Pinot Noir
• California Merlot

Meet Paris Oyster Cover

Mireille Guiliano’s Ode to an Oyster

Richard Elia

The ‘ambassador to the art of living’ introduces us
to another personal affair

Detail of California Sparkling Wine splashing from glass

The 31st Annual Best of The Best
California Sparkling Wines

QRW Tasting Team

14 Brut and Blancs de Blanc sure to enliven the moment


photo gallery

QRW Photo Gallery
The Who's Who of QRW Magazine

red Nebbiolo grapes

A Great Barolo Vintage
2010: Cause for Celebration

Tom Maresca

Detail of fireworks over city

The São João Festival:
Portugal’s Largest Street Party

Richard Elia


Non-Vintage Champagne —
The House Style

Best of The Best art

QRW’s 30th Annual Best of The Best:
• California Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet-Based Blends
• California Pinot Noirs
• California Merlot
• California Chardonnays
• Non-Vintage Champagne

QRW’s 29th Annual Best of The Best:
• California Cabs and Bordeaux Blends
• Champagne Tasting
• California Pinot Noir
• California Zinfandel

QRW’s 28th Annual Best of The Best:
• California Cabernet Sauvignon
• California Pinot Noir
• California Zinfandel

Piper champagne neck of bottle label

Cecile Bonnefond: Woman CEO is running the “New” Piper-Heidsieck

Richard Elia

At our “30th Annual Best of the Best Non-Vintage Champagne Tasting,” the biggest surprise was Piper-Heidsieck. It was the first time this Champagne made the cut, and we were impressed by the quality of reserve wine in the cuvée, along with its flavor and texture. Wine like this deserves a story so we inquired about this with Piper’s new CEO, Cecile Bonnefond.

Joe Donelan

WGBH Chef’s Gala A Family Affair For Donelan Wines

Katie Curley-Katzman

Meet Joe Donelan and sons Trip and Cushing of Donelan Family Wines.

Jacques Lardiere, Louis Jadot Winemaker

All Things Grape and Small

Randy Sheahan

Retired Louis Jadot’s Lardière is back to work as he takes charge of Jadot’s newest acquisition, Resonance Vineyard . . .

Taittinger logo

The House of Taittinger

Julie Whitlow

Evidence abounds that the family is once again the quintessence of the product which has only improved in depth, character, and quality.

Tara Empson

Meet Tara Empson: Rising Young Star
in Italian Export Wines

Nancy Schultz

With her ready smile and sun-tinged auburn hair, Tara, daughter of Empson wine specialists Neil and Maria, now oversees the Milan office of the family business, whose goal is to deliver consistent Tuscan-style wine to the American table.

Blantyre's Masseto Tasting Menu

Wine Scene

Blantyre’s Masseto Tasting  •  27th Annual Smoker  •  Sommelier Challenge  •  In praise of Roederer USA

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve label

Best of The Best:
Champagne Tasting 2012–13

QRW Tasting Team

Discover which bubblies broke through above the rest for our tasters.

Mireille Guiliano

Style Doyenne: Mireille Guiliano

All about QRW columnist and author Mireille Guiliano and her the best selling French Women ... series.


Mireille Guiliano’s Ode to an Oyster

Gaia and Gaja: Italy’s First Wine Family

Required Reading: Great Whites from Neglected Alsace

Wine’s Decline: Wither Romance?

Aristocrats of the Table: Julia Child, Eating, and Dining

Whining about Downton Abbey

Cellar For A Lord: Downton Abbey, Part II

QRW Wine Diary

QRW Covers by Photographer Jim Scherer

Best of The Best: Non-Vintage Champagnes 2011

Style Doyenne: Profile of and Book Reviews on Mireille Guiliano

Is Dining Dying?

Château Margaux at Blantyre

29th Annual Best of The Best: Best of Show Winners

29th Annual Best of The Best: California Chardonnay

29th Annual Best of The Best: California Zinfandel

Photo Feature: A Nostalgic Look Back

29th Annual Best of The Best: California Cabs and Bordeaux Blends

29th Annual Best of The Best: California Pinot Noir

QRW Vintage Wine Chart [PDF]

29th Annual Best of The Best: Champagne Tasting

Best of The Best: California Cabs

Best of The Best: California Pinot Noir

Best of The Best: California Zinfandel

Best of The Best: Vintage Champagnes 2008–09

Wining and Dining at WGBH Studios

Wining & Dining in Morocco

Wine Quiz: Varietal Variations

An Afternoon at Caymus

Shafer Vineyards: Treasure Trail; Wine, Love and Rock and Roll

Blending Buzz at Rutherford Ranch

Wines of the Quarter: Two Great Reds

Hugh Johnson Praises QRW and Publisher Richard Elia in the Boston Globe

Hear Publisher Richard Elia on NPR